65th session of WHO Regional Committee for Africa, in N'Djamena, Republic of Chad, 31 August- 4 Sept 2015

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The Sixty-fifth session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa will be convened in N'Djamena, Republic ofChad, from 31 August to 4 September 2015.

The Regional Committeewill bring together, all the 47 Ministers of Healthofthe African Region to discuss and deliberate on public health issues ofregional interest.

It is my pleasure to invite you or your representative to attend this important meeting as an observer. Please find herewith the provisional agenda ofthe 65th session ofthe Regional Committee. An information bulletin on the Republic of Chad and the list of the hotelswill be forwarded to you indue course.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Matshidiso R. Moeti

Regional Director



1. Opening ofthe meeting

2. Constitution ofthe Subcommittee on Nominations

3. Election ofthe Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen and the Rapporteurs

4. Adoption ofthe agenda

5. Appointment ofmembers ofthe Subcommittee on Credentials

6. The Work ofWHO in the African Region: implementation ofProgramme Budget 2014-15

7. Statement ofthe Chairman ofthe Programme Subcommittee

8. The Post 2015 health development agenda: perspectives for the African Region

9. Global strategy on people-centred integrated service delivery: contribution ofthe African Region

10. Research for health: a strategy for the African Region

11. Global strategy on human resources for health: perspectives from the African Region

12. Progress report on the establishment ofthe African Centre for Disease Control

13. The establishment ofthe African Public Health Emergency Fund (APHEF): stock taking

14. The 2014 Ebola Virus Disease outbreak: lessons learnt and way forward

15. Regional orientation on the implementation ofthe WHO Programme Budget 2016-2017

16. Information

16.1 Report on WHO staffin the African Region

16.2 Regional matters arising from reports ofthe WHO internal and external audits

16.3 Poliomyelitis in the African Region: progress report

16.4 Progress report on the implementation ofthe Health Promotion Strategyfor the African Region

16.5 Progress report on Strategyfor Addressing Key Determinants ofHealth in the African Region.

16.6 Progress report on the implementation ofthe Recommendations ofthe Womens Health Commissionfor theAfricanRegion 16.7 Progress report on the establishmentofthe African Medicines Agency

16.8 Briefing on the new Neglected Tropical Diseases entity

17. Draft provisional agendaand dates ofthe Sixty-sixth session ofthe Regional Committee and place ofthe Sixty-seventh session ofthe Regional Committee

18. Adoption ofthe report ofthe Regional Committee

19. Closure ofthe Sixty-fifth session ofthe Regional Committee


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The cardinal messages are as listed below:

  1. Reduce frequent intake of sugared foods and drinks
  2. Brush your teeth with Fluoridated tooth paste in the morning and before going to bed at night
  3. Avoid tobacco use, both smoking and snuffing
  4. Prevent injuries by observing traffic rules, play safe games
  5. Dental check-up at least once a year especially for children is important to see how the dentition is fairing (check for new and old lesions as well as arrangement of teeth)
  6. Persistent ulcers should be reported to the clinic

IMPORTANT: To Visit a Dentist/Dental Clinic at Least Once a Year for Oral Health Check-Up


The per-conference Event
Aim of this activity was to sensitize the community on the importance of male involvement in improving reproductive and child health More Gallery