Thematic Areas

MEWATA has three thematic areas:

  • Reproductive health and rights
  • HIV and AIDS care and treatment
  • Professional and Institutional

 Reproductive Health and Rights

Reproductive health is an essential element of good health and human development. However good reproductive health is required to be able to attain majority of the MDG and MKUKUTA goals particularly those concerned with women and adolescent health, maternal & newborn health, HIV/AIDS and gender equality.

In this thematic area, five strategic areas will be addressed in three years namely: Reproductive system cancers (Breast & Cervical Cancer), Maternal & Newborn Health, Family Planning, Gender Based Violence and Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health.


HIV and AIDS care and treatment

In Tanzania the rate of HIV infection is high with adult transmission rate of 7% (THIS, 2004). The epidemic continues to have a devastating effect. The main mode of transmission is heterosexual (90%) and Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) which contributes 5%. MTCT in Tanzania is set to have a dramatic and deleterious impact on child survival. The dimension of the epidemic and rising demand by persons living with HIV/AIDS for quality medical care and treatment makes the health care system respond to these demands.

HIV/AIDS care and treatment and support has reached a new era in terms of the accumulated knowledge of the disease and its management and availability of potent drugs not only for the treatment of opportunistic infections, but also antiretroviral drugs that slow the progression of the disease to AIDS allowing PLWA to live a much longer quality life.

Professional and Institutional

The country has severe shortage of human resource for health and especially the medical doctor profession. In addition female medical doctors are in less percentage as compared to male medical professionals. It is recognized that majority of the few available female medical doctors are experiencing various professional and non-professional challenges in terms of career development, family and society expected roles and responsibilities.

Thus there is need to advance medical profession among young graduates as well as provision of career advancement among the existing female professionals.  Minimal efforts have been made by professional associations in mobilising young girls into the medical profession.




The cardinal messages are as listed below:

  1. Reduce frequent intake of sugared foods and drinks
  2. Brush your teeth with Fluoridated tooth paste in the morning and before going to bed at night
  3. Avoid tobacco use, both smoking and snuffing
  4. Prevent injuries by observing traffic rules, play safe games
  5. Dental check-up at least once a year especially for children is important to see how the dentition is fairing (check for new and old lesions as well as arrangement of teeth)
  6. Persistent ulcers should be reported to the clinic

IMPORTANT: To Visit a Dentist/Dental Clinic at Least Once a Year for Oral Health Check-Up


The per-conference Event
Aim of this activity was to sensitize the community on the importance of male involvement in improving reproductive and child health More Gallery